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Robyn Dixon Admits Juan Cheated on Her Last Year, and Candiace Is Pissed

You can hear exclusive affair details on her Patreon

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reasonably cheat-y

Which Super Bowl Football Team Has the Worst Celebrity Fans?

The Eagles have Carrot Top, but the Chiefs have Brad Pitt

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You’re Laughing? Harry Styles Split His Pants Open Onstage and You’re Laughing?

Shameful behavior on your part

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crotch watch

A Conversation With Perfume Genius About ‘Gilmore Girls’

Set my Stars Hollow on fire immediately.

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town troubadour

Leonardo DiCaprio Retreats Once Again to the Gentle Arms of the Pussy Posse

And in doing so, he provides comfort to all

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our north star

Taylor Swift Snubbed Again

The songwriter did not receive an Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song"

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Did M&M’s Murder Their Candies, or Are They Soft-Launching a Super Bowl Ad?

The company made an odd announcement on Twitter, seemingly capitulating to Tucker Carlson’s sexual frustration

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Drake Brags About Exclusive Toilet Access

He's shitting in places you'll never see

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tough toilet truths

Lala Kent Keeps Changing Her Name — and You’ll Never Guess What Her Name Is Now

Think of a guess before you click

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give them someone

I'm Worried That Kaley Cuoco Is Going to Die of Happiness

She might get engaged!

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actual happiness

Olivia Wilde Is at the Gym

A timeline of her being at the gym

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hitting the gym

Kyle Richards Incorrectly Thinks Chrissy Teigen Should Join ‘RHOBH’

She's not done cooking yet

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own it

CNN Must Let Andy Cohen Get Blackout Drunk on New Year’s Eve

Do not ruin this for us

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Michelle Obama: Barack (Obama) Was So Annoying

The former First Lady said she couldn’t stand him for 10 years

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ugh barack

Barbiecore Was the Fakest Trend of 2022

... Or was it?

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I'm your dolly

Tom Brady's First Divorced Christmas Rocked His Socks Off

(His kids got socks)

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Demon Children of TikTok Terrorize Parents With Fake Celebrity Deaths

Fake RIP to Cher, Howard Stern, and Jon Bon Jovi

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Elderly Mother Gigi Hadid Too Tired to Keep Up With Young Stallion Leonardo DiCaprio

This is why he needs to date 23-year-olds

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Christmas Songs That Are Not Necessarily Christmas-Specific and Could in Fact Be Listened to All Winter Long

A silver lining around your post-Christmas blues

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winter wonderland

Gawker Gift Guide: What We Want But Cannot Have

And some things you can buy us instead

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gift guides