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winter wonderland
Christmas Songs That Are Not Necessarily Christmas-Specific and Could in Fact Be Listened to All Winter Long

Just like January and February need decorations to keep our spirits bright, the post-holiday months also need songs. The trouble is, most albums deemed winter-appropriate — Radiohead’s Kid A, Björk’s Vespertine, Sigur Rós’s freaking Ágætis byrjun — tend to be known as such because they are, like January and February, cold and sad and weird.

Luckily we have an abundance of joyful winter holiday songs already at our disposal. They just currently happen to be miscategorized under the subject of “Christmas.” Below is a selection, please feel free to indulge in them until mid-March.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside”

This one is just about sexual harassment and it being cold outside, neither of which is Christmas-specific.

“Marshmallow World”

It’s definitely a marshmallow world in the winter sometimes, and that’s a fact. It tends to not snow very much until January or February anyway, so I’d go as far as to say this one makes more sense after Christmas than it does on Christmas.

“Winter Wonderland”

Again, this one is just about it being a winter wonderland. Not a Santa wonderland.

“Let It Snow”

What you’re witnessing is a trend of so-called “Christmas” songs that are in fact just about typical weather patterns during winter months. You can listen to this one anytime you don’t have to drive when it’s snowing.

“Frosty the Snowman”

If Frosty were the one who brought gifts to children, this would be a Christmas song. Instead it’s a wintertime parable to teach children about death and suggest the existence of reincarnation. Absolutely applicable to every winter month.

“Jingle Bells”

Scan the lyrics again, my friend. This one isn’t about Christmas — it’s just about the sound bells make while you’re making a horse pull you through the snow, an act that is now a cruel novelty and one that should absolutely be banned. You can still enjoy the song, though. :)

"Sleigh Ride"

Ring-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ding-dong-ding, baby, this one is again just about a sleigh ride and friends who are calling yoo-hoo. It doesn’t even mention horses, so it could possibly be a gasoline-powered sleigh, which is maybe not an environmental win but certainly more humane. Ring-a-ling!


This one doesn’t even have any words.