Why Is Alex Jones Scared of Gawker's Pokémon Go Questions?

Ashley Feinberg · 07/19/16 04:55PM

CLEVELAND — Earlier this week, Infowars radio host Alex Jones slammed Karl Rove for refusing to answer a few simple questions. Except now, Alex Jones is using the same shameful evasive maneuvers that so sickened him before. Alex—why are you so scared of Gawker’s questions about Pokémon Go?

Sarah Palin Congratulates "Smart" Brexit Voters on Fighting the New World Order

Ashley Feinberg · 06/26/16 01:19AM

If there’s one thing noted Facebook user Sarah Palin hates, it’s logic. If there are two things Sarah Palin hates, though, the second is almost definitely the Democrats’ secret apocalyptic globalist agenda. Which is why Sarah Palin would like to take a moment to congratulate all those Brits who voted to leave the EU and effectively cripple their country. You really showed the Illuminati this time.

Donald Trump Spun a 9/11 Conspiracy Scenario So Loony It Ended Up Almost True

Tom Scocca · 03/03/16 11:10PM

Asked in tonight’s debate to elaborate on his earlier declaration that the United States should murder the families of terrorists, Donald Trump pivoted to a discourse on the events of 9/11. As with most of Trump’s remarks about the events of 2001 and beyond, it was a collage of the unorthodox, the insane, and the awful but not untrue.

Why the Earth Is Flat, Straight From the Mouth of a Very Popular Rapper

Jordan Sargent · 01/25/16 10:55AM

Here is some news that is either comforting or depressing: there are still flat Earth truthers out there. Prominent among them is the very successful rapper B.o.B (you might know him from... this one?), who has spent the last 24 hours or so tweeting a lot of good flat Earth memes and theories.

The New New Bristol Palin Pregnancy Conspiracy Theory, Explained

Allie Jones · 01/06/16 03:21PM

Bristol Palin gave birth to her second child, a girl named Sailor Grace, on December 23, 2015. That’s what Sarah Palin wants you to believe, say truthers. Yes, with the birth of a new Palin baby comes the birth of a new conspiracy theory. In brief: Palin truthers claim Bristol is lying about when she gave birth in order to cover up the fact that her pregnancy was the result of a one-night stand.

Rand Paul Vows to "Look Into" Insane Martial Law Conspiracy Theory

Ashley Feinberg · 05/01/15 03:11PM

The military is not about to take over the Southwestern United States. No one’s building underground tunnels to connect various Walmarts. Texas is not erecting a series of FEMA death camps. And we’re not about to enter the age of martial law in America. But! Just in case—Rand Paul is on it.

Jade Helm: The Pretend Invasion of Texas That's Driving the Web Crazy

Sam Biddle · 03/26/15 01:24PM

From July 15th to September 15th, over a thousand armed American soldiers will maneuver through the Southwest United States as part of a vast operation with a single motto: "Master the Human Domain." Internet conspiracy theorists wait their whole lives for a moment this rich.