Chart Brut: How the MS-Paint Graphics of Conspiracy Took Over the Web

Sam Biddle · 12/02/14 09:45AM

The internet has always been a natural habitat for the paranoid and angry, but it's never been as easy to mobilize your fellow conspiracy theorists than it is today. So why does the super-sophisticated conspiracy-troll machine draw diagrams like a 1st grader?

Did This Three-Year-Old Girl Meet the Real Santa Claus at a Diner?

Aleksander Chan · 11/14/14 09:13AM

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn was eating breakfast with her parents at a Bob Evans in Evansville, Ind. this week when she noticed a man dressed as Santa Claus sitting alone in a booth. Not one to leave the bringer of presents to eat alone, she simply walked over and sat down across from him. Her mother told WFIE that the two talked "like they'd known each other for years." What does this little girl know? And was that the real Santa Claus?

The Treason Case Against the Last U.S. Taliban Hostage, Explained

Adam Weinstein · 06/02/14 11:45AM

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the only prisoner of war held by the enemy in Afghanistan, was freed last week after a deal by the U.S. to exchange him for five Taliban fighters at Guantanamo. But is he a turncoat? And did the White House sell out America to secure him? Here's what we know.

Meet the Weird Christian Content Mill Behind Newsweek's New Owners

Adam Weinstein · 04/01/14 10:56AM

Last year, when it was announced that International Business Times had bought the shrinking Newsweek brand, some media organizations started asking questions about IBT's connection to a shady Korean-born Christian minister. Now we have some new, weird info on that connection.

Supertramp Predicted 9/11, Says Dumb Conspiracy Theory

Adam Weinstein · 01/23/14 09:31AM

Prog rock. It's socially aware. It's high concept. It's the Nostradamus of 1970s pot-smoking teens. And it totally knew the Trade Center towers were going down in a (thermite) fireball, man.

Gabrielle Bluestone · 11/23/13 05:27PM

Sirhan Sirhan — the man convicted of assassinating Robert F. Kennedy — was moved in a "routine" transfer to a San Diego facility on Friday, which was also the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Corrections authorities are calling it an "unfortunate coincidence." Theorists of conspiracy, have at it.

Please Help Us Sketch Out Kevin Shields' Brit-Pop Conspiracy Theory

John Cook · 10/03/13 03:42PM

Kevin Shields, the extremely wise and plugged-in founder of fuzz-gods My Bloody Valentine, just dropped a bomb on the British public: Brit-pop—the "Cool Brittania"-era explosion of ghastly, derivative rock'n'roll from the likes of Oasis, Blur, Pulp, and any other number of one-word bands—was in fact a conspiracy foisted on the Western world by British intelligence agencies. I mean, it's so obvious once you think about it.

British Paper Duped into Fake NSA Scoop by Obama-Is-Gay Crank

Max Read · 07/01/13 11:28AM

Here's a good journalism #protip: If the main source for your bombshell NSA article is a guy who thinks that President Obama is gay and that President Bush has his poop classified, you may not actually have the scoop you think you do.

Your Guide to the TWA 800 Conspiracy and Its New Truther Documentary

Max Read · 06/21/13 11:20AM

Remember the '90s? Snap bracelets? 'N Sync? Friends? Accusing the Navy of taking down a U.S. passenger plane with a missile? That's right—our favorite '90s conspiracy theory is back, thanks to a new documentary purporting to show "new evidence" that TWA Flight 800 crashed because it was hit by a missile. Here's everything you need to know.

Here Come the Michael Hastings Death Conspiracy Theories

Max Read · 06/20/13 09:33AM

Every year, some 18,000 people between the ages of 5 and 34 die in car accidents, the leading cause of death for that age bracket. Which makes a fiery wreck either a sadly unsurprising way for a 33-year-old to die... or the perfect cover for a CIA assassination.

Naomi Wolf Is a Snowden Truther

Tom Scocca · 06/14/13 03:55PM

Naomi Wolf—the author, Thought Leader, and political consultant/non-consultant—has been following the story of Edward Snowden, and she has decided to share her thoughts on Facebook. Specifically, Wolf wishes to convey her "creeping concern" that Snowden "is not who he purports to be." Who is he, then? Signs point to his being one of them. You know: THEM.