With the 2016 Republican National Convention just hours away, the city of Cleveland has opened its arms to all sorts of conservative media firebrands. And unfortunately for permafrosted Thanksgiving turkey Karl Rove, that means running into people like conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones as you’re trying to board your plane.

Jones posted a video of the encounter, in which he bombards former George W. Bush strategist by growling at the camera that he’s “just going to ask him a few questions.”

Jones then interrogates Rove over whether he’s going to “support Trump” or if he’s just “siphoning money off of him to make sure Hillary wins.” Rove sidesteps the question, instead choosing to explain to that, since he works for Fox, he “won’t be appearing on the Alex Jones Show.”

At that point, Jones explains to his viewers that Rove has just proven his point, Rove gets mad, and the two proceed to argue over whether or not Alex Jones should “scuffle off.” (Alex believes that he should not. Karl thinks otherwise.)

The two men repeat this dance several times until, finally, Karl Rove has had enough. He seeks sanctuary at the customer service desk, and Alex Jones, sensing trouble, decides to flee.

My friends, the Republican National Convention has officially begun.