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Plaid-condom monogram Tucker Carlson is apparently a semi-regular on Alex Jones’s crazy-talk show, because even if jet fuel can’t melt steel, it can give eight pounds of frat-boy hair a lovely volumizing body. Here’s the duo riffing jazzlike on Obama’s very clearly Nazi-like tendency to embrace racial diversity.

Emphasis and occasional annotations mine:

JONES: The Soros people are betting, it seems, everything on social unrest, because all they’ve delivered to inner city poor people is double unemployment, what blacks had seven years ago—

CARLSON: Exactly.

Note: Jones and Carlson are wrong, as the following chart from the St. Louis Federal Reserve shows; black unemployment is down significantly since President Obama took office, even allowing for a spike caused by the recession that started late in the previous administration.

Moving on:

JONES: —It’s just crazy to me to see a US president betting everything on class warfare, divide and conquer, and to—it’s surreal, though—to see them trying to sell the federalization of police— really a new soft civil war, in Al Sharpton’s words—you know, it’s just crazy. It’s crazy. Why do you think they’re betting so much on this?

Note: If anyone can find evidence of Sharpton saying this, let me know. I’ve come up snake eyes, though I did find an anti-immigrant blogger and an anti-immigrant commenter on Daily Caller using the phrase “soft civil war.”

CARLSON: Because ethnic politics, identity politics, work really well. It’s the fastest way to get people out to vote. It’s the fastest way to divert their attention from your own policy failures. It’s also really dangerous. I mean I’ve been to a lot of countries, and the one thing they mostly have in common is really, really deep ethnic divides, which are permanent and dangerous and flare up into violence from time to time.

See, the thing about a political debate is that it can be resolved. If you and I disagree on an issue, you may convince me or I may convince you, our issue goes away, and we can be friends again. If we’re divided by ethnicity, that’s not resolvable… we’re born that way, we’re never gonna change, and so we’re always gonna hate each other, and our children will hate one another, and their children will do the same. You know, you see how civil wars happen. And so the problem with the administration’s position… is in effect making excuses for and therefore encouraging that kind of behavior. It’s scary. I mean they categorize people by race in a way that, you know, you can’t even imagi— I mean, 30 years ago, you would have said, ‘Wait a second, that’s like Nazi stuff.’

Note: If anyone can find evidence of Nazis pushing multicultural dialogue, do let us know.

JONES: They’ve taken Martin Luther King and the Republicans and folks that gave us the Civil Rights Act and they’ve now inverted it into, as you said, totally identity racial politics and now video games, almost every movie, the new Road Warrior, they kill every man at the end to create a utopia and it’s not surreal, they’re serious.

Note: Alex Jones has evidently not seen Max Max: Fury Road. This is not how it ends.

JONES: It’s not satire. So now they’re really getting more intense on just saying men are bad, period. This is an establishment that is simply trying to balkanize the country and I don’t understand what the establishment’s doing because all it does is fundamentally make the country fail…

CARLSON: …I think there’s a deep well of resentment there on the left, um, about America, you know, that America’s not as good as it’s been, as it, as it proclaims itself to be. They’re deeply suspicious of America as an enterprise, I think it’s fair to say—

JONES: So they’re smoking their own leftist dope.

CARLSON: Yeah that’s totally right, that’s totally right.

Note: That’s not totally right.

CARLSON: And I, but I also think again that it’s useful. Like, when you — I mean, that’s how they campaign, and it’s also how they govern. They divide the country into demographic groups, and they appeal to each one separately. So the idea that you have this melting pot, a bunch of people from different places and backgrounds and religions and they all kind of come together as Americans sharing a common culture, that’s not the way they see the world. That’s not the way they run their campaigns. And it’s not the way they run the government when they win. At all. They see it as, you know, as the gays, and the blacks, and the Hispanics, and the women, and the men, and the whites, and the — you know, whatever. Each group as distinct, with distinct needs to be pandered to distinctly.

Note: You may be interested in this story, “Republican Efforts to Woo Hispanic Voters Stymied by Stock Photo of Asian Children on RNC Latino Outreach Site.”

CARLSON: And what they don’t fully understand is, that is fire, man, you should not play with that at all. That stuff, again, does not go away. It is really dangerous to act that way. And you should de-emphasize differences between groups. Because those differences are real. They’re absolutely real. And that’s why you should not accentuate them.

Note: Tucker Carlson has finished his thought by asserting that the accentuation of ethnic differences is “Nazi stuff,” but in reality you should de-emphasize those differences, which are real, to preempt internal dissent and civil disobedience. Perhaps the answer lies in the sublimation of individual identities in a common civic identity, maybe even with common symbols and professions of allegiance to the authorities. Not like that current regime’s multiculti Nazi stuff, mind you.

JONES: I agree with you, Tucker.

Note: Congratulations to anti-Nazi stuff activist Tucker Carlson for making it through an enlivening conversation on political philosophy without calling for a black man’s execution or referring to any women as “labiaface.”

[h/t Media Matters]

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