The military is not about to take over the Southwestern United States. No one’s building underground tunnels to connect various Walmarts. Texas is not erecting a series of FEMA death camps. And we’re not about to enter the age of martial law in America. But! Just in case—Rand Paul is on it.

In an interview with conservative radio host Jan Mickelson, Rand was asked to shed some light on upcoming Jade Helm military exercises. The same military exercise that has gotten the internet worked up into a paranoid frenzy. To understand the extent of the Jade Helm breathlessness going around, consider what one Texas resident told Austin’s American-Statesman:

It’s the same thing that happened in Nazi Germany: You get the people used to the troops on the street, the appearance of uniformed troops and the militarization of the police. They’re gathering intelligence. That’s what they’re doing. And they’re moving logistics in place for martial law...

With that in mind, what did Rand Paul say when Mickelson asked what he knew about the operation?

You know I’ve gotten a few questions on it on the road, and I really don’t—I’m not sure about exactly what is going on with that.

And what about the conspiracy theories making people nervous?

We’ll look at that also.

Words that might assuage our underground tunnel/FEMA death camp fears—if only they could be believed. Because if Rand Paul’s willing to cover up the truth about trains, god only knows how deep the rabbit hole goes. [Right Wing Watch]

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