Here is some news that is either comforting or depressing: there are still flat Earth truthers out there. Prominent among them is the very successful rapper B.o.B (you might know him from... this one?), who has spent the last 24 hours or so tweeting a lot of good flat Earth memes and theories.

He started with this:

B.o.B—who has more Twitter followers than every news organization on this planet—then spent the rest of last night further arguing his belief with increasingly convoluted evidence and has continued on into this morning. Here is his response to someone saying that the world doesn’t have edges (god, this is so stupid):

There was a little tangent about Felix Baumgartner’s space jump:

A note about GoPros:

A lot about horizon lines being straight:

There were many inscrutable .jpgs of unknown origin:

This morning, he began tweeting what appears to be excerpts from some sort of flat Earth master text:

As a celebrity flat Earth truther, B.o.B is brother-in-arms with onetime reality show person Tila Tequilla, so he’s certainly in good company. But flat Earth is not the only conspiracy theory he believes.

He appears to be a moon landing truther:

Then there’s this whole thing about celebrities being cloned:

Anyway, here’s one mantra we can all get behind:

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