Entertainment Tonight’s tweet truly says it all. Here is the Instagram in question, of Bristol Palin’s daughter Sailor, (allegedly) born December 23, 2015:

So who is the daddy? According to court records obtained last week by the Daily Mail, Bristol Palin’s ex-fiancé Sgt. Dakota Meyer recently established paternity of Sailor “via DNA testing at 99.9957 percent certainty.” Bristol has repeatedly refused to name him as the father in the press, however, for reasons unknown.

This leaves conspiracy theorists a window to question the circumstances surrounding Sailor’s birth, as they have for several months. The engrossing, insane theory, in brief: Palin actually gave birth in early November 2015, but she waited to announce the birth until late December to make it seem like she conceived Sailor after she became engaged to Meyer in March. (The couple broke off the engagement in May.) Conspiracy theorists have claimed that Meyer is simply a pawn in a complex Palin family plot to convince the public that abstinence activist Bristol waited until she was engaged to have sex. (Bristol has advocated that young people abstain from sex until marriage, but you know, close enough.)

Though she has yet to name Sailor’s “daddy”, Bristol did respond to questions about the timing of Sailor’s birth in January by posting a dated photo of her at the hospital and then deleting it.

In related news, Bristol’s other ex-fiancé Levi Johnston (you remember him) won joint custody of their child Tripp after a protracted legal battle. Tripp, now 7 years old, is Bristol’s first child, unless you believe the other Palin pregnancy conspiracy theory.

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