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CLEVELAND — Earlier this week, Infowars radio host Alex Jones slammed Karl Rove for refusing to answer a few simple questions. Except now, Alex Jones is using the same shameful evasive maneuvers that so sickened him before. Alex—why are you so scared of Gawker’s questions about Pokémon Go?

I found Jones and a few of his cohorts earlier today as they prepared for a protest march that apparently went awry rather quickly. Considering Jones’ contempt for the government’s many attempts to hijack our free will, I assumed he’d have nothing to hide regarding the well-known Pokémon Go surveillance psyop conspiracy.

I assumed wrong.

Upon telling him where I work, Jones immediately growled, “I don’t talk to Gawker.” I then asked him if he believed that Pokémon Go was a government conspiracy (it is). Alex Jones, a supposed man of “truth,” refused to answer this simple question. I asked again only to be intercepted by Jones’ security guard.

Now, Alex Jones and I have not always gotten along in the past (he has previously referred to me as a “turd”), but a man who isn’t involved in the government’s establishment of a pocket monster-based panopticon has no reason to hide behind his goons.

Alex Jones, what is it you’re hiding?

Is it a Drowzee?