PHILADELPHIA — Last week, amidst a sea of Never Hillary signs in Cleveland, and this week, also amidst a sea of Never Hillary signs in Philly, one man stood apart from the crowd. His message: Building 7 didn’t just collapse, and 9/11 goes all the way to the top. Sheeple, meet—well, let’s just call him Joe.

Joe wouldn’t tell me his real name. As soon as he saw my press badge, he asked if I worked for the government. And despite my assurances, Joe never seemed quite convinced that I was not actually an agent of the state. That makes sense, though, considering that Joe’s main goal at both the Republican and Democratic conventions has been to encourage people to “question everything. It’s time for these sheep to wake up.”

Joe isn’t here with anyone—at least, not that he was willing to divulge. For these past two weeks, the burden of Truth has been his alone to bear. He’s not politically minded in the traditional sense, either. Joe won’t be voting in the upcoming election (he hates both candidates); he’s only at the conventions because of the huge media presence.

What’s next for Joe? He wouldn’t say. He did, however, close our conversation by reminding me that buildings don’t just collapse, and that nothing is as it seems.