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Oi, Fancy a Quickie, Miss? Kate Middleton Got Wolf-Whistled in Leeds

The Princess of Wales smiled through the smut

Claire Carusillo

Jinger Duggar Vuolo Rails Against the Cult That Raised Her

The former 'Counting On' star is not mincing words about the Institute of Basic Life Principles

Claire Carusillo

'Traitor' Alan Cumming Shoves His OBE Medal Right Back Into King Charles' Fat Wet Hands

He's no longer an Officer of the British Empire after learning of its "toxicity"

Claire Carusillo
he probably read 'spare'

Prince William Cracked Wise at a Food Bank

Get this guy on a British panel show

Claire Carusillo
every day is red nose day

Anna Delvey Is Already a Better Talk Show Host Than Fallon

The fake heiress is developing a show called 'Delvey's Dinner Club' while under house arrest

Claire Carusillo

Robyn and Juan Dixon Say 'We Deux!'

The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars tied the knot for the second time, despite Karen Huger's best efforts

Claire Carusillo
chesapeake baes

Sad Sack of Pitt: Brad Brushed Off By Oscars for ‘Babylon’

Maybe pack it up vis a vis acting and really focus on your genderless grape serum line or reconnecting with your six children

Claire Carusillo
lost in babylon

King Charles Simply Can’t Spare Any Balcony Room for Harry and Meghan

King Charles bans Harry and Meghan from the Buckingham Palace balcony for his upcoming coronation. Like they’d go anyway...loser ass...

Claire Carusillo

Inside the Jojo Siwa Zoomer Lesbian Summit at Erewhon Market

It appears that Jojo is welcoming TikToker Savannah Demers to the squad

Claire Carusillo
Elder Statesiwaman

‘The Traitors’ Is Cozy, Sadistic, and Worth Watching for 10 Hours Straight

Plus, Alan Cumming's wardrobe is to die for

Claire Carusillo
great scot!

That One Guy We All Love Should Play George Santos

Nelson Franklin deserves to be a streaming star

Claire Carusillo
resume building

North West Is a TikTok Horror Auteur

Yeah, Kim Kardashian's a chav today. But North is a genre-flouting visionary every day.

Claire Carusillo

A Thinx Class Action Lawsuit? Hold My Diaper

Toxic thongs? Thinx, this blood is on your undies...

Claire Carusillo
out damn spot

A History of Selena Gomez's Terrible Boyfriends

From Taylor Lautner to the less compelling Chainsmoker, why does our smirking siren keep picking duds?

Claire Carusillo

Jenna Bush Hager Recounts Barbara’s Grandmotherly Advice: Keep It Tight

The otherwise unproblematic First Lady didn't approve of teenage Jenna's teeny weeny yellow bikini

Claire Carusillo
Burning Bush

TikTok Gumshoes Are Doing Phrenology on Idaho Murder Suspect Bryan Kohberger

It's all in the eyes, and the nose bridge, and the nasiolabial folds

Claire Carusillo
vigilante justice

Road Dog Kate Middleton Rides Out 'Spare' Drama

She's fast, she's furious, and she's going to school drop-off

Claire Carusillo
Middleton Fully Loaded

Harry and Meghan Had a Hot-as-Hell Date on Diana's Deathiversary

He took a freight elevator and hid under the covers when room service came

Claire Carusillo
in memoriam

Princes Harold and Willy Rowed Over Which One of Them Gets to Own Africa

A small child asked them, "Why can’t you both work on Africa?" and BOOM

Claire Carusillo

Meri Brown After Announcing Divorce: How Dare 'People' Say I'm Divorced?

She is, of course, still separated from husband Kody Brown

Claire Carusillo
coyotes run free