Road Dog Kate Middleton Rides Out 'Spare' Drama

She's fast, she's furious, and she's going to school drop-off

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, leave aft...
Middleton Fully Loaded

Page Six has scooped the shocking first photos of Kate Middleton since the release of Spare, in which her baby Haz-in-law blames her and her husband Willy, the future king with the fading beauty and the lion leotard, for telling him to wear a Nazi armband to a colonial and natives-themed fancy dress party. Harry also delves into the debacle over the famed child-sized pantyhose at his wedding to Mrs. Markle that served as the first snag of nylon in bringing down the British empire. The row was actually over a dress that was too big for little Charlotte, despite media reports.

Here’s the pic:

Kate, who has a reputation for being nucking futs as fuck, may understandably be raging the hell out at lil’ Harry, enveloped in her own gloopy and furious “red mist” (this is not a period joke, women can be wackadoo without the presence of blood, and I would never suggest that the Princess and mother of three has any reproductive organs).

Crikey! One eyebrow cocked – that’s Duchess for “I’m calling The Daily Mail, and this time, the story’s going to be about how you made James, Viscount Severn cry.” And she’s driving a car, probably straight into the fucking moat at Windsor Castle because she’s so mad right now! Do not untie that smart scarf around her neck. Her head will fall off.