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Andrea Riseborough GUILTY of Being a Good Actor with Friends Who Appreciate Her

The Academy found the British character actress innocent of any Oscar campaign mishegoss

Fran Hoepfner
the slap 2: to leslie

Big T-Shirt Is Fashion

A loose tee is the only shirt you need

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paris fashion week

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Hugged: Conspiracy?

These two are always up to something

Fran Hoepfner
peace treaty

Blake Lively Has Joined the Colleen Hoover Cinematic Universe

She even went brunette for the part

Fran Hoepfner

Welcome to Blåhajworld

The IKEA shark’s enduring appeal approaches a decade of memeability

Fran Hoepfner
shark week

The Razzies Are Over. Introducing the Frazzies

Some new picks for 2022’s worst of the worst

Fran Hoepfner
1st annual frazzies

We Can't Afford to Lose Regal Cinemas

The multiplex chain is a beloved part of the movie-going ecosystem, terrible commercials and all

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she's beauty and she's grace

Brad Pitt's Bad Year Continues

His movies are flopping and he's selling off property

Fran Hoepfner
the big short

CONSIDER... Andrea Riseborough

The British character actress's Oscar campaign popped up seemingly overnight. Will it work?

Fran Hoepfner
new challenger approaching

They're Trying to Make Brad Pitt "Mayor of Hollywood" and It's Not Working

His front row center seat at the Globes put all eyes on him, but he deflected at every turn

Fran Hoepfner
time for reelection

The "Changed" Golden Globes Are "Honored" to "Welcome" Sean Penn

And it was going so well too...

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sean penn who just do stuff

The Vibe of the Golden Globes Is Very Weird

Who's that piano girlie

Fran Hoepfner
adam scott's bolo tie

It’s Official: "Naatu Naatu" Is Better Than Taylor Swift

The hit dance song from 'RRR' might be on an unstoppable journey to Oscar gold

Fran Hoepfner
on a RRRoll

Okay, Let's Wrap It Up With Digital De-Aging

God does not want us this yassified

Fran Hoepfner
puppy filter

I Am Frankly Inspired by the Becoming Na'vi Girlie

She is using her powers of Photoshop for good

Fran Hoepfner
she 'shopped

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Bond? Fine, Actually

You don't want to see a guy you love play Bond, but you also don't want to see a guy you hate play Bond

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cowboy shit

Girl, Caffeinated? Angelina Jolie and Paul Mescal Got Coffee!

They're not dating but what if they were but they're probably not

Fran Hoepfner
friend zone

Bill Cosby Packs Up Roofies Suitcase for 2023 Tour

The comedian says touring will remind audiences of the Cosby they know him to be (derogatory)

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cursed industry

Words and Phrases to Leave Behind in 2022

Let's all expand our vocabularies a little in 2023

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Some Stuff to Watch During the Weirdest Week of the Year

What do you have to lose?

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like you're gonna see babylon?