"ACAB" -Queen Elizabeth

Lilibet Senior is changing the system from the inside

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Scandale Royale

The Washington Post reports that a certain trifling royal aide dished some salacious dirt: those stuffy dinners at Windsor Castle have a new “hot conversation topic” and for once in her goddamn life, Queen Elizabeth II isn’t yammering on about race horses.

Kenneth Olisa, the first Black “Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London,” says the Queen supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

While this wouldn’t be much of a bombshell for a serious activist like, say, Priyanka Chopra, I get why this is a major announcement on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. I watched all four seasons of The Crown during a particularly dark weekend in November awaiting the results of the 2020 presidential election, and while the rest of the family’s behavior is legitimately bonkers, the queen is intentionally boring as praxis. One episode was devoted entirely to her sensible handling of proposed smog regulations. And OK, her husband wanted to be married to the sea instead of to her. Whose doesn’t? Big deal.

Does anyone want to hear my Claire Foy impression? It’s just “Do sit.” in a British accent. She’s always asking people to sit, and they usually do oblige. Even Churchill. No real drama there. But in the aftermath of Meghan and Harry’s reveal that a senior member of the royal family expressed concern about the skin color of their newborn baby (plus a bunch of horrific alleged sex crime stuff, and the Kristen Stewart of it all) (also, all those centuries of imperialism and colonization), the Queen might be in the hot seat now.

So you heard it here first, and this is mere gossip, of course, and totally damaging if it’s repeated: QEII’s a total SJW.