Uh Oh: Harry Is Flaming Hot Pissed Again

He schlepped a pram onto a private jet for this sort of insolence!?

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 03: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attends the National Service of Thanksgiving...
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sorry you feel that way

A certain formerly royal redhead is flaming hot pissed! Harry Harry So Contrary is burning brother and father’s biscuit asses straight to hell! All that land plus the entirety of the British seashore out to 12 nautical miles that belongs to grandmum? Consider it scorched, bitch!

Why? The royals largely ignored Prince Harry and his twin sister Meghan Markle at the Jub and didn’t even try to meet his children, if rumors are to be believed. And of course we believe all rumors about this clan of flaneurs.

As per the Daily Mail via royal biographer Angela Levin (now that’s one bird with a flappin’ jaw who starts a lot of shit, quite frankly — all my love and respect to her), Harry likely feels he is “owed an apology” for schlepping across the flyover states plus the Atlantic Ocean in his American flag PJs only to be rejected by Daddy when looking for a little kiss and failing to get his Lilibet-on-Lilibet money shot for Old Mother Netflix.

What’s Levin’s evidence, you might ask? Well the British press, famously, is obsessed with body language. She claims Harry looked like he was in a right strop at the Thanksgiving ceremony at St. Paul’s last Friday. Let’s take a look.

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Okay, is that Harry or (fellow ginger) the character Anger from Pixar’s Inside Out?

“The thing that really stood out for me on that day was Harry's anger - he wears his emotions on his face and he looked absolutely furious. I think it's quite interesting really - he could have been feeling lots of things. I don't know whether he had a wave of feeling at what he had given up.”

Harry, you’re not going to get an apology from these people. But you’ll get one from me: I’m sorry, my liege, for all the mean things I’ve said about you, like how you’re dating your twin sister Meghan Markle, or that you’re a deadbeat dad in a rec league, or how you have no work ethic, and yes, I forgive you too, of course.