The Queen Took Her Late Husband's Stick to the Jubbly

Easy there!

KING'S LYNN, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05: Queen Elizabeth II cuts a cake to celebrate the start of the Pla...
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staff shortage

Awww. Queen Elizabeth has been spotted out hobbling about with her late husband Prince Philip’s favorite walking stick while celebrating her Platinum Jubbly. The infernal instrument is taller than a conventional walking stick and has an ornate handle carved from ivory horn, no doubt obtained ethically.




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"I recognized the stick instantly as it was always kept in a pot by the front door," the late prince’s biographer told The Telegraph. "It was the Duke's stick, and it is very touching that the Queen has started using it."

While holding that loveable stick with her left hand, the People’s Princess’s former mum-in-law and ickle lil’ Andrew’s mama stuck a knife into her special jubbly cake.

Once the incision is made, QE2 relents.

“Somebody else can finish it,” the queen told the press pool, likely right knackered from all the fun she was having playing with the old staff. “Do the rest for me.”

Happy jubbly, stick girl!