The Queen Is a TikTok Star

With a new viral video under her belt, she's the latest digital creator to hit it big

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II walks behind the Imperial State Crown as they process through the Royal...
millennia-old pause

A clip of the Queen and her crown, dredged up from 2018, has been making the rounds on TikTok this week. In the TikTok, interviewer Alastair Bruce asks the white-gloved Crown Jeweler to move the purple Imperial State Crown closer to the Queen. (The monarchy should consider rebranding that name considering the times we live in.) He moves it incrementally, with utmost discretion, maybe six inches. The Queen then moves it closer to herself, smiles, and says, “This is what I do when I wear it.” Then she rotates the crown so that the “Black Prince’s Ruby” is in her eye line. (They should rebrand that too; it seems the “Black Prince’s Ruby” is actually a red spinel, and was allegedly stolen off the dead body of the Sultan of Granada in 1371, then acquired by Edward of Woodstock.)

Lil Senior wore the crown for the first time after she was coronated in 1953. According to Newsweek, “In 2019, it was decided that the crown was too heavy for the nonagenarian monarch and she wore the George VI Diamond Diadem instead.” The queen really said, “Not heavy is the head that wears the crown.” 😂💀

The TikTok teens are loving this slay in the comments. Lovie 7350 remarks, “how funny the way she just grabs it 🥰🥰🥰.” SVann is all, “i have a feeling she'd absolutely thrive in a pub with commoners just having a laugh 😂.” DogsAreBetterThanPeople writes, “Full of stolen gems 💎.”

And don’t forget the time the Queen absolutely owned Annie Leibovitz’s trifling ass when the photographer told her she’d look better and “less dressy” without it. It’s been making the rounds on the app for a few months.

Plus she does her own makeup – Ulta haul vid when? It’s official. This bitch is a bona fide TikTok star! It is absolutely so litty for me when my own passions (the Queen) and youth culture align, and I think there’s a lot to learn about imperial social media strategy from here on out.

The Queen has everything it takes to become a TikTok hit: cash poor despite shows of ostentatious wealth, a connection to Boris Johnson like genuinfluencer Tinx, a wicked sense of humor, an inflated sense of self, her own merch line of dog perfume and those Sandringham sticks (now that’s Queen shit!), a messy family life filled with lecherous men and wannabe child stars, and a signature catchphrase (“Do sit!”). Plus, she lives in a hype house that all her deadbeat friends and family crash at.

And on top of that, she invented the style of front-facing confessional videos that are the toast of ADHD and POTS activists on TikTok with her annual Christmas address broadcast, televised on the BBC since 1957.

We could get at least a handful of 20-second viral clips out of this Happy Christmas speech. Go find your light, Tik girl!