The Queen Goes Apeshit When the Beat Drops

A former Buckingham Palace DJ says the rockin' granny loves to get down, but has one non-negotiable request

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II arrives for a gala dinner 13 October 2002 in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. ...
DAVE CHAN/AFP/Getty Images
disc woman

We all know the Queen has shaken a hand or two at the celebrated Palace of Holyroodhouse summer garden party. But did you know she also took a pill in Ibiza?

Or so says a DJ who has produced hits for that little English rose Madonna and has played parties at Buckingham Palace. William Orbit, a 65-year-old DJ whose production credits include P!nk’s smash hit “Feel Good Time” from Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, told the Daily Mail that Old Lil goes absolutely mental for disc jockeys and smooth-stylin’.

She’s “evidently fascinated” with DJs, Orbit told the Mail.

Orbit also “revealed that the 96-year-old monarch doesn't hit the dance floor herself, adding that 'she goes to bed at nine because she's a bit old for dancing, then everyone starts going nuts.’” Rude thing for a 65-year-old DJ to say, especially when everybody knows that when this rockin’ cool Queen takes off her ruby-festooned crown and throws down a track, “BPM” officially stands for Buckingham Palace Mamacita.

But there is one caveat to the party girl’s lifestyle of models, bottles, Mazda Miatas, glitchin’, and a whole lot of twitchin’: every DJ must play the National Anthem to end their set, which is kind of a boner kill.

Orbit explained that a butler assigned to him for the night at the annual Palace Christmas party came over to him with a disc and said, "Mr Orbit, sir, I'm going to give you this CD of the National Anthem and when you play that, on my signal, the party's over." (Presumably, Orbit is referring to “Written in the Stars” by British rapper/early 2010s rising star Tinie Tempah.)

Onward and untz untz untzward, for god, for country, and for queen. Now let the beat drop! Not too low, though.