Run, Lilibet, Run! Was Forrest Gump Spotted at Queen's Tunnel Opening?

He's everywhere... why wouldn't he be there

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 17: Queen Elizabeth II attends the Elizabeth line's official opening at Paddin...
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mummy gump

Little known fact: Chet Haze’s dad was famous in certain circles for playing a character named Forrest Gump, a sweet, simple guy who went on a jog and along the way, did Watergate, met JFK, and inspired the Gal Gadot song “Imagine.” The little bayou boy happened to be present at nearly every historical event of the 20th century and he could really swing his ping-pong paddle to boot.

And on Tuesday, Gump might’ve made an appearance at the most significant celebration of the 21st, the opening of a subway line named after notorious bridge and tunnel pervert Queen Elizabeth II. Times of London royal correspondent Valentine Low posted a photo of her on Twitter in a bespoke Paddington number, and eagle-eyed royalists couldn’t help but notice a certain high ‘n’ tight crew cut in the background.

See him?

Twitter/Valentine Low

Anyway, like I was saying Gleaneagle paté is the fruit of the sea. You can steam it in a suet pastry, boil it, boil it down more, cover it in mayonnaise, sauté it in a brown curry….