Princess Diana Alert: Meghan Markle Contemplated Helping Someone

She wasn't able to in the end, but she's still an angel

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Baby2Baby
the nipple's princess

Marklehead Nation got an incredible story out of Yahoo! today, predicated on an anecdote that Tyler Perry shared at the 2022 Baby2Baby gala. I’ve never been quite sure what Baby2Baby is, but all the actresses in a certain LA tax bracket who also have podcasts and books of comedic personal essays always seem to be posting about their good works. And now that I know Perry and Meghan Markle are involved, I know their volunteers are the living embodiments of secular Christ — nay, the living embodiments of Princess Diana.

According to Vanity Fair, an employee of Tyler’s came to him last summer amid the baby formula shortage asking for help. Tyler, who has been hit with complaints about union busting and unfair labor practices in the writers rooms of his shows House of Payne and Meet the Browns, knew the one person that could help his employee. Per VF:

Perry began the hunt on their behalf and came up empty. He ended up calling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who, at the time, were in London, asking if stores across the pond were as hard up as those in the US. He told his employee that Markle was going to stores on their behalf.

Turns out that Jubbly revelers in Great Britain were suffering from the same lack of basic materials as us rebels across the ocean. She couldn’t find any formula for Perry's employee. Still Yahoo!, which effectively functions as a propaganda arm of Meghan and Harry’s fake nonprofit Archewell, couldn’t help but laud the Duchess, reporting, “Meghan promised to look into the matter personally on behalf of Perry’s employee, searching stores in London herself — which is the most heartwarmingly Diana-esque thing she could have done in the scenario. Princess Diana was, and still is, widely known for her passion for helping others in the same selfless vain [SIC, LOL, FREUDIAN SLIP] as Meghan.”

As Yahoo! explains, Princess Diana worked with people dying from AIDS and leprosy. Meghan has a podcast and returns Tyler Perry Perry’s texts, which is similarly empowering. “Meghan has picked up Diana’s torch and is carrying it with the same dignity and grace wielded by the legendary princess all those decades ago,” Yahoo! writes. “Proving once again she’s a princess of the people as well.”

That settles it. And while she’s popping out to the shops, does she mind picking up a few British KitKats for me? The chocolate tastes better over there.