Princess Charlotte Is a Pleasure To Have in Class

We all know what that means

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Prince Charlotte is a pleasure to have in class. According to Us Weekly, a source “exclusively revealed” that Princess Charlotte, 6, the only daughter of Kate and William, is “sharp and bright as a button. She is top of her class at reading. She actually enjoys doing homework.”

Oh no. We all know what this means, as so painstakingly researched and delineated by my colleague Jenny G. Zhang in a post last summer called “Were You a Pleasure to Have in Class?”: a bossy oldest daughter with undiagnosed anxiety disorder, neurodivergency, ADHD, depression, and gay communist tendencies later in life. This is not going to be good for the monarchy.

The inside source, who seems to be “pulling a Crawfie” to me (that’s royal speak for “the governess who betrayed Queen Elizabeth by writing a tell-all about her childhood”), continued to spill.

“[She] loves acrobats and is very into the arts and acting. Whenever she gets a chance, she’ll put on a performance!”

The princess, who is fourth in line for the throne, is also a theater kid. The monarchy already had to apologize for slavery last week. It’s one thing after the other with these people.