Prince Louis Is Heir Apparent to Big Brother's Little Bitchiness

Wah wah wah

LONDON, ENGLAND - JUNE 02: Prince George of Cambridge, Prince Louis of Cambridge and Princess Charlo...
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hush little baby

Prince Louis may be fifth in line for the Crown, but he is the undisputed heir apparent to his older brother Prince George… when it comes to crying like a little bitch!

Chip off the ol’ parliamentary bloc vote, innit?

Exhibit A: Prince George, c. 2015 at “a party for God and his sister” as Papa asks, “Why you cryin’, bitch?” in a moneyed accent

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Exhibit B: Prince Louis, c. 2022 at a party for God and his great granny as his entire family, sick of this shit, ignores him. They’re sick of this act. These boys behave like they’re gods and their Papa Prince Wombat is no exception.

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Older sister Princess Charlotte, the only one with any class in this godforsaken town, even swatted at Lil’ Lou for waving too much. Do you blame her?

With whiny little relatives like these, it's no wonder the Fabulous Markle Twins turned to content creation. And you certainly won't hear young Lilibet crying when her parents turn her soundproof nursery into an at-home podcasting studio.