Prince Harry Is American Now

Grab a brewski and fire up the grill, it's Harry Time

The Duke of Sussex attends the final of the Wheelchair Rugby between Team UK and the USA during the ...
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Today’s Hoda Kotb scored an interview with Harry Markle at the Invictus Game wherein the NAACP Image Award-winning redhead-rights activist made it clear he is an American now, for now. In fact he’s “massively at peace” at his lil chicken coop in Montecito.

According to Page Six, Harry told Kotb, “You know, home for me now is, you know, for the time being, it’s in the States. And it feels that way as well. We’ve been welcomed with open arms, and it’s got such a great community up in Santa Barbara.” Aww, the quaint little community made two massive outsiders feel welcome. What a place. In fact, one of the best trivia items I know about Santa Barbara (I learned this once on the Ask Ronna podcast) is that Barbra Streisand’s assistant drives there from Malibu and back every single day to get her a single pint of McConnell’s strawberry ice cream. It’s just that kind of town.

The lunatics over at the Daily Mail confirmed that Harry is indeed an American now by employing the expertise of a linguist named Tony Thorne. Thorne said Harry’s interview with Kotb smacked of California English. He pronounced his Ts differently and added in American affectations to the end of his sentences such as “y’know?” and the much-maligned “right?”

The Mail reported:

The language expert says Prince Harry, like his mother Diana, has 'always' modified his accent to some extent in order to sound 'less posh.’'And he believes Prince Harry may now adding in American tones unconsciously, because he is living permanently in the US with Meghan Markle and their two children.

I just hope he doesn’t forget where he came from like he did a few weeks ago when he wore that hat at a rodeo and subsequently had all evidence of it scrubbed from the internet in hours.