Mental Health Crusader Kate Middleton Psychologically Tortures Prince Harry

That's actually so typical of her

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reacts as she hosts a roundtable with other members of the...
me achin' noggin

We’ve been over this a million times: Each member of the British royal family gets to be a patron of their own “thing” — maybe two things — but that thing can’t overlap with anyone else’s interests. Kate Middleton already chose “turning a look for Ukraine” and “motherhood, conceptually” as her charities this year. Signed, sealed, delivered that speech at the podium. But according to the Independent, she spoke up yesterday about the importance of childhood mental health awareness in Westminster.

Uh, Kate? That’s HARRY’S thing! Mental health — and any and all discussion about being sad, sleepy, dispirited, hungry, or angsty — belongs to HIM, even if he moved to MONTECITO and left behind Heads Together, the mental-health charity campaign he spearheaded with Kate and his estranged brother William. IT STILL COUNTS!

“If we can teach children to manage their emotions and feelings at a young age, it will help them avoid having to turn to addiction, self harm or suicide even in later life,” the brother-in-law-betraying Kate told a group of health wonks yesterday. “Together we have a huge opportunity here to help shape the future.”

Call me paranoid (actually don’t: The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood’s early prevention campaign would caution against name-calling), but Kate must be doing this on purpose, mustn’t she? She withheld Lilibet an opportunity to meet her cousins from her pleasure palace on high, and now she’s playing a torturous headgame with lil’ Harry, taunting him with her charitable works, proving how much she cares about Britain’s youth. It’s sick. It’s evil. It’s so Duchess Kate.