Queen Death Watch LIVE UPDATES: The Queen Is Dead

We all die, after all

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - SEPTEMBER 06: Queen Elizabeth II waits in the Drawing Room before receiving new...
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2:05 PM EDT

After a quick tweet and delete due to a typo from the official royal family account wherein Charles was referred to as “His Majesty His King” rather than “His Majesty The King,” the new sovereign speaks.

1:53 PM EDT

Charles is King. Good luck!

1:33 PM EDT

The Queen has died. Read Gawker’s obituary of Her Maj here.

1:19 PM EDT

Royal expert Ingrid Seward told the BBC (via the Post) that the decision to not hospitalize the Queen “speaks volumes” about her current state.

1:12 PM EDT

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell led a vigil for the Queen on the Senate floor, reports the Daily Mail.

“The queen is an exemplar of steady leadership and a beloved figure around the world,' McConnell said. “She has been a historic friend of the US. The decades of her reign have seen a profound deepening of the special relationship between our two countries that has literally changed the world.”

Prayers up.

1:03 PM EDT

According to a Sky News broadcast, Prince Harry has still not made it to Balmoral Castle.

12:55 PM EDT

Parliamentary staffers are reportedly rushing out to by black ties in advance of the royal family’s announcement according to a tweet by Telegraph correspondent Camilla Turner.

According to Insider, BBC broadcasters have been wearing black, but “representatives wouldn't comment on whether the outfit changes were tied to the Queen's health.”

12:33 PM EDT

According to a tweet from Politico reporter Ana Fota (via CNN), the royal family is descending on Balmoral to “make an announcement.”

12:25 PM EDT

BBC confirmed that one of the Range Rovers entering the Castle gate was driven by Prince William and carrying Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, and his wife Sophie. Prince Charles and Camilla arrived at Balmoral earlier via helicopter.

12:12 PM EDT

Kate Middleton is not at the Queen’s side, either. Her three children, all of whom are pleasures to have in class, started school today at Lambrook School in Windsor, according to Page Six.

12:05 PM EDT

It stopped raining.

12:04 PM EDT

The Magickal Mrs. Markle has not, according to Page Six, been invited to bring her healing amulets to the Queen’s bedside at Balmoral. Prince Harry will be traveling to the castle alone.

11:31 AM EDT

A Reuters feed of the gate at Balmoral Castle, where the Queen is convalescing with family, has been fascinating to watch.

In the last twenty minutes, a food service truck, a horse trailer, and a florist bearing the name The Secret Garden, hailing from in nearby Aboyne, have entered the castle grounds, along with other vehicles. One secret last bedside rendezvous with the stallions?