Lilibet Fully Loaded

Queen Elizabeth lets loose on a drive with a handsome mystery man

Shutterstock/ Terry Harris
Sandringham Drift

You can take the life force out of the Queen, but you can’t take the Queen out of the Range Rover. Especially not on her 96th birthday. Move over, bug, because Lilibet is the one who is Fully frigging Loaded.

You heard it here first, or second actually because I read about in People, which has just a slightly bigger following than the royals vertical of Gawker. “Sitting in the passenger seat, the Queen gave a glimpse of her off-duty look, including bright pink lipstick, sunglasses and stud earrings,” the magazine reported.

Shutterstock/ Terry Harris

Whoah, and with a younger guy? People, always a freaking buzzkill, writes, “The monarch traveled to Sandringham to spend her birthday in a place full of reminders of her late husband, Prince Philip.” Prince Philip died last April at the age of 99 and likely is watching over her in an Anglican heaven, which I’ve heard looks a lot like greater Manchester but with more beige food.

This here is a good example of a viral meme you could make out of this photo. Another good example would be “Dad picking me up after school instead of Mom and taking me to McDonald’s drive-thru.” If you’re British and had a strong male role model growing up, you could do, “Me making the cabby take me to the chippy after the disco at 2 a.m..”

Reminder that with or without makeup, Big Liz looks gorgeous no matter what.

And if you know what shade of pout paint she’s wearing — hit us up at Asking for a friend.