Kate Middleton Achieves Viral Fame Letting a Big Creep Walk All Over Her

No, Will didn't (allegedly) cheat

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge reacts as she uses a computer to take part in a video conf...
addison chelicarae

Kate Middleton is coming for what the Queen has, and we all know the Queen is coming for what Charli D’Amelio has. And no, it isn’t Charli’s toyboy Landon Barker – though that would be some real punk rock royalty! She wants viral fame. Good on her, mate: like her granny-in-above-the-law, Kate’s a budding TikTokfluencer!

#TeamCambridge loyalist TikTok user “royalfancams,” who I swear is not me disguised in a flat cap uploading grainy footage via a jailbroken iPhone 6 all day, has recently garnered attention for uploading a clip of the Duchess playing with a female tarantula at a pop-up zoo. Sounds like Princess Michael of Kent when she’s entertaining at Kensington Palace!

Wait, let me try that joke again. Kate playing with a female tarantula at a pop-up zoo? Sounds like she got in the bouncy castle at Adelaide Cottage with party-planner mum Carole!

One more time. Kate’s been spotted interacting with a tarantula girl in a tent? I thought the Sussex wedding happened indoors!

Here’s the video. Kate’s the one wearing a Liz Trussian powersuit with a Betty Cooper ponytail. The tarantula is the one with the legs for days walking all over the Duchess.

According to Newsweek, this resurfaced clip is from a visit to a mobile zoo called “Kidz Farm” Ulster University Magee Campus in Londonderry (Derry, for us Unite Ireland folks) in September 2021. Commenters are losing their shit over her courageous act. Antonellaber62 wrote, “Adoro le tarantole🥰,” which I think is Italian for “I love the films and politics of Quentin Tarantino.” Marjorie Stevick Cor commented, “She rocks!!!” Chiree, remarking upon Princess Diana’s engagement diamond, which Kate wears, said “That ring is massive. Much bigger than I thought.”

Imagine what the tarantula thinks!