Kate and Prince William's Royal Chrimbo Card Is Here

Joyeux Noel! Kate’s got skinny jeans, and Camilla’s got a dangerous hat

Instagram/ The Prince and Princess of Wales/ Matt Porteous
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I just got my Chrimbo card from my coworker Prince William and his work wife Kate Middleton. Have you seen it? It sends a direct message about the state of the Wales nuclear family and, in turn, a message about the entirety of the British Empire: It’s casual!

In the photo posted on Instagram, Wills, George, Charlotte, Louis, and Kate hold hands on a country lane. The guys all wear Polo Ralph Lauren, and Dada even has his hand in his pocket. All three children are smiling big in tiny shorts. Plus, Kate’s skinny jeans speak volumes. They’re Boston strong and Britain forged, with no sign of miniature pantyhose anywhere. No tears, no infidelity, and no Hamlet-inspired fratricide from the middle child. Prince of Pegging whomst!? Don’t know him. This is an all-American British fam, and the Marchioness of Chumley will be delighted to receive this letter in the post.

Meanwhile, Charles, the King of All Dads (if not necessarily a Daddy, but taste is personal) and Queen Camiller stuck to tradition by sending out a Christmas card with the same message and same cryptic capitalization they’ve been sending out for years: “Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and New Year.”


Camilla’s hat looks dangerous. I was taught in my Illinois public school not to use adverbs like “very” in writing, but if it works it works. Why mess with perfection?


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Meghan and Harry’s Christmas card will be in an audio-visual format, with the conclusion of their stunning docu-series streaming on December 15.