I Still Think the Queen Is Rockin’ Cool

Even if some poll has support for the monarchy at an all-time low

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 19: Queen Elizabeth II departs after officially opening of the new...
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Pickings are rather slim when it comes to the future face of the British monarchy. Will and Kate’s working PR vacay was just a touch tumultuous from a place of optics, and Harry and Meghan are jobless layabouts over in La La Land. Everyone hates Charles and Camilla, natch. That leaves Tidy George and Little Charlotte, who is a pleasure to have in class, but they haven’t a stick to hold onto yet.

A new poll, which was conducted by anti-monarchist campaign group Republic, found that 27 percent of Brits want the monarchy demolished. 60 percent are in favor of footing the family’s bills. Within the 18 to 24-year-old range, stats become more dire: 40 percent want to see an elected head of state. Only 37 percent of people in that age range want to see taxpayers continuing to bankroll The Firm.

Graham Smith, the CEO of the organization that conducted the poll, told Newsweek that things can get worse when the Queen dies. ​​He said, "The queen is the monarchy, the monarchy is the queen and it's the queen who continues to sustain support for the monarchy.” Good thing that won’t happen for at least another 50 years or so.

“That's a huge problem for the royals, because at some point in the next few years she will no longer be there to keep the show going,” Smith cautioned. “Just 10 years ago monarchists were consistently boasting that three-quarters of the population supported the royals. Now support stands at just 60 percent.”

The Windsors have wrought some damage in those last ten years, notably after the newlywed sheen wore off the very young and very hot Charles and Camilla after their 2005 wedding. Andrew got caught up in the wrong crowd, and the Queen died and reanimated herself several times over, which led to mobility issues. So who can inject this stuffy institution with a shot of​​ that good old Cool Britannia? I nominate James, Viscount Severn, a 14-year-old who is 15th in line for the throne and has a total popular freshman guy haircut.