Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Made Another Grave Mistake

And they will pay.

Images of Queen Elizabeth II are displayed on the lights in London's Piccadilly Circus to mark her P...
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As you know, the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee this weekend — or, according to over 10,000 misprinted mugs, tea sets, and decorative plates, her Platinum “Jubbly” — during which she commemorated her 70-year reign and officially requested that Camilla Parker Bowles become “Queen consort” when Prince Charles becomes King. I assume you have sent your notes of congratulations to all relevant parties: the Queen, Camilla, Charles, Prince Andrew’s teddy bears. I know I have. Yes, the Platinum Jubbly is sort of “the world’s Super Bowl,” in that everyone knows about it and is talking about it.

Everyone except for Harry and Meghan, that is.


Yes, it seems Harry and Meghan — a couple known for not working on their shared podcast — have made yet another grave mistake. A hideous mistake, indeed. “Radio silence from Harry and Meghan,” says the Daily Mail. “Duke and Duchess of Sussex fail to publicly congratulate the Queen as she celebrates her platinum jubilee and requests that Camilla become Queen consort when Charles is made King.”

Take a moment to wrap your mind around it. Can you imagine the gall? Can you grasp the sheer impudence necessary to fail to publicly congratulate the Queen as she celebrates her platinum jubbly while requesting that Camilla become Queen consort when Charles is made King? Charles released a note of congratulations for his mother, along with a statement saying he was “deeply conscious” of the honor given to his “darling wife.”

But Harry and Meghan?

From the Daily Mail: “Harry and Meghan are yet to provide any public comment nearly a day on from the Queen's announcement at 10pm on Saturday.” Gruesome behavior. Moral Center of the Commonwealth Piers Morgan called the duo “pathetic” for the Jubbly snub, and we can only agree.

“May you be in heaven a full half-hour … before the devil knows you're dead,” says the quote that opens the movie Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead. That Irish proverb has never resonated more, outside of how much it resonated with all the characters in that movie (Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character in particular). Harry and Meghan, you will pay for this. You will pay in this lifetime, and you will pay in all of the lifetimes that follow. You will learn respect. You will learn when it is necessary to release a public note of congratulations on your shared Instagram account. You will learn to acknowledge: the Platinum Jubbly.