Harry and Meghan Paid for Their Own Flights to the Hague

They probably even tacked on Orbitz travel insurance, too

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex disembark from their plane on their arrival in Suva, on day one of th...
Kirsty Wigglesworth - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images
extra legroom

I don’t know how and I’m certainly not going to be the one to look into the pounds and pence of it all, but the Fabulous Markle Twins have finally released their gleaming maws from the teat of Old Mother England’s Duchy. That’s right: Meghan (40) and Harry (37) have reached financial freedom.

According to the Daily Mail, the Sussexes paid for their own flights when they visited the Hague for Easter — I hear the International Criminal Court is so lovely in the spring! — with a quick pit stop at Gran’s country home in Windsor. They’ve also successfully repaid British taxpayers the £2.4 million they spent refurbishing their own pleasure palace, Frogmore Cottage.

Without the glamour girls and their two children, Lilibet Jr. and Archie, on the royal ledger, the Crown has saved £1.2 million over two years. Though, Harry’s father Charles’s tampon and organic tomato habit may have canceled out the newfound savings: he spent £3.3 million on private expenses last year, which is chump change in the scheme of his fortune, plus just about the same amount he received as a gift via three suitcases from the former Qatari PM.

“This year’s accounts showed the heir to the throne’s [Prince Charles’] annual private income from the Duchy of Cornwall had increased by nearly 13 per cent to £23 million, as the Duchy’s profits rebounded after the pandemic,” the Mail reported.

Seems like if I was dealing with a £23 million-per-year lifetime appointment, I’d pay for my son’s flight home for the holiday, but maybe it’s about the principle of the thing for Harry and Meghan. Or, as my gut is telling me,Netflix paid for the trip as a tax write-off.