Carrot-Top Minx Prince Harry Drops Surprise Mental Health Vid

BetterUp? Panties off!

YouTube/ BetterUp
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After months of teasing, Prince Harry has finally hit the stu. No, not for his long-awaited podcast, but to film a Lemonade-style surprise vid that amounts to… a teaser trailer… for his life coaching appcalled BetterUp…? Well SaddleUp, because we are in for a cinematic experience with this newly released footage.

Harry interviews snowboarder Chloe Kim, psychologist Adam Grant, and BetterUp user Blu Mendoza, and oh crikey, oh my freakin’ cakes, this giggling lil’ ginger has chemistry with EVERYONE. This video makes me wanna marry Harry, or precluding that option (due to the magickal love spell that binds him for all eternity his beloved glam goth wife), subscribe to the online mental fitness program for which he serves as Chief Innovation Officer.

He’s charming with the girlies, but damn: I’ve been looping this part of the video starting at 2:10 where Harry asks Grant what goes into his non-negotiable mental clarity routine:

Grant: Non-negotiable workout time, six days a week.
Harry: Six days a week, you work out? I can tell.
Grant: Yeah and… I’m not sure how to respond to that.
Harry: Hehehe, don’t worry.

Harry — the carrot-top minx! — giggles, and Grant blushes, before telling the Prince that when he plays Ultimate Frisbee, that’s when he experiences total freeing of his thoughts from distraction. I’ll have to try that some time, especially if Harry stands behind me and teaches me how to throw the disc, like a hot guy in a movie teaching a girl to play pool. That’s the kind of self-care I would pay an indeterminate amount of money.