Buckingham Palace Silences Djokovic Stan Prince George

Soon he'll be writing for Bari Weiss's newsletter, we're sure

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balls of fury

Hot goss: It turns out our cutie cute cutie boy, Little Prince Babycakes, tried to do a squeakquel to The Kings Speech last weekend by offering his opinion on Wimbledon. His money’s on the Serbian.

Per Popbitch, a raucously funny British celeb newsletter I’m obsessed with even if I only know who or what they’re talking about in it 30 percent of the time:

What might have been the first recorded public statement from Prince George (future king of this country; third in line to the throne) was given this weekend – and then almost immediately hushed up.
During a pool interview on Sunday, someone asked Prince George on camera who he wanted to win the tennis. George replied "Djokovic".
Buckingham Palace then asked reporters not to use it.

Why did Buckingham Palace shut my tiny king up so swiftly and with such severity? What are they hiding? Perhaps it’s that they don’t want Baby G to be publicly supporting an anti-vaxxinista who is also a bit of a suspiciousista of Advil and other pain relievers.

Djokovic also started playing tennis at age four, and it could be that the Palace doesn’t want people drawing comparisons to the exploitation of their own little guy, who was made to bake those cakes for elephants at the tender age of seven. Or maybe it’s that the powerful Serb tried to coin the phrase “Nole Slam” (like EGOTting, but for tennis) and it didn’t quite catch on, giving shades of that time Meghan Markle tried to trademark an old word. Good luck with that, hon, Buckingham Palace seems to say.

We’re keeping an eye on this tidy boy: could he be a messy bitch of Princess Margaret proportions?