Alexandra Daddario Is a Ring-Wearing Member of Marklehead Nation

Her "something blue" was something Meghan

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 10: Actor Alexandra Daddario from HBO Max’s ‘The White Lotus’ attend...
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you may now kiss the ring

Super celeb Alexandra Daddario is just like us: she has a killer bod and loves Meghan Markle. Also, on HBO’s White Lotus she played a morally conflicted female online content aggregator. Mostly, though, she’s a Meghard like me.

Daddario told People that her laissez les bon temps roulez-themed wedding in New Orleans last month to film producer Andrew Form was at least partially inspired by the Fabulous Markle Twins. I loved her pleated dress, and she’s addicted to old monarchy glamour.

"I'm obsessed with Meghan Markle. She wore an aquamarine ring I believe from Princess Diana's collection. Mine was less fancy, but I had a large blue, aquamarine ring copying Meghan Markle," Daddario divulged to People in between beignets and live jazz.

Markle is a known jewelry maven, often mixing and matching the stolen blood diamonds she inherited from a shoebox in Harry’s closet with powerful finger talismans and wearable runes.

For Daddario, it’s all not that serious. "I've never been the kind of girl who was planning her wedding and knew exactly what she was going to wear," the Aerie spokeswoman told People for the article accompanying her exclusive wedding photo shoot. "I don't like to overthink things, I like to just go with my instincts.” We wish her and her new hub a lifetime of happiness, but urge a bit of caution: It’s this kind of carefree California-girl attitude that landed Meghan Markle in Netflix jail.