The Facebook Ray-Bans Are Nostalgia Mining 2013

Ugh, take me back to when Argo won Best Picture

Ray-Ban stories glasses
Ray-Ban Stories

Facebook and Ray-Ban announced their collaboration on a new pair of glasses that, via voice control or touch screen on the arm, can record sound and video. Finally, we have a way to do that. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and water sports enthusiast, posted some video teasers he took on the sea on his own page. Don’t worry — the glasses will pair with an accompanying app that allows the absolute studs wearing them to edit and post their eye content to Facebook.

Crucially, they look like regular Ray-Bans. Pretty groovy and fairly space age, right? No, idiot.

We are not living in the future; this is a cheap, pure nostalgia play. Who among us doesn’t miss the golden age of Google Glass, that dreamy, sexy era that inspired steamy, illicit affairs and made hot guys look even cooler? It Girls downtown were losing it over the Diane Von Furstenberg x Net-a-Porter Google Glass drop, breakout alt-R&B queen FKA Twigs was incorporating them into sponsored music videos, and you couldn’t swing a dead cat in this town without encountering a sky diver documenting his travels in the specs.

You can’t reinvent the magic of 2013 that easily, Zuck. SnapChat already tried.