New Button Coming: Again

Now you will be able to “dislike” a tweet, kind of.

Like icon and dislike. Thumbs up and thumbs down. Black color. Modern concept. Simple stroke outline...
Button Down

In September of 2015, a sprightly young blogger posted to the website about the announcement of a new button: Facebook’s “dislike” button. Today, a decrepit old witch has crawled up from her spidery dirt hole to drag her skeleton hands across the keys of a new to tell you there is going to be yet another button. This time? It is a “dislike” button for Twitter. Her aged mouth is agape in wonder.

Twitter’s support team explained in a tweet today that the feature is at present being tested on a select number of users. The “dislikes” are not shown publicly or even privately to the author of the disliked tweet; they are merely used, Twitter says, “to understand the types of replies you find relevant in a convo,” so Twitter can “work on ways to show more of them.” It is unclear whether the dislike option will be rolled out to all users eventually.

Private dislikes that stay between some users and Twitter ... Wow, this new button announcement is much less exciting than the old new button announcement, which itself was quite boring.