It's Fireplace Video Time

Who cares.

Burning firewood in fire-box of fireplace in country cottage. Rustic cooking oven with burning logs.
indulge your senses

I’m currently enjoying cozy winter ambiance — crackling fireplace, blizzard sounds, snow fall and howling wind for relaxation. How do I have access to such bliss? Well, stop screaming and I’ll tell you. It comes via the YouTube video “Cozy Winter Ambience - Crackling Fireplace, Blizzard Sounds, Snow Fall & Howling Wind for Relaxation.” And I think it’s time for you to consider watching, as well.

Some might say it’s too early for a video like this. It’s not particularly cold outside and the next major holiday is the dreaded Thanksgiving. (I don’t dislike Thanksgiving but I understand it is popular to dislike it so I’m attempting to garner support via likemindedness.) A fireplace video with snow in the background is more for, you might think, “December.” And it’s interesting how Americans are so attracted to setting arbitrary limitations for themselves. (I don’t know that this is a particularly American trait but I’m attempting to impart shame by referring to it as such.) They act in opposition to their desires, timing out their pre-portioned indulgences based on what is “right.” Aligning their actions to uselessly rigid standards in a way that is almost perverse. It’s, well — listen. I’m just saying, it’s interesting.

In my opinion there isn’t anything to be gained in waiting to begin using a fireplace YouTube video to add ambience to your home. Your television is there, probably doing nothing right now. It’s chilly outside and in. We have to deal with the fact that television is now a viewing experience that is segmented into various different “apps” that frequently don’t work, but that at least means that one of the “apps” we now have access to on our television is YouTube (which was previously on the computer only). Why not use the YouTube app to put a fireplace on your television with crackling sound effects? Or maybe a scene with a winter snowfall and a fireplace? Or a scene with “cozy rain” and a fireplace, plus a cat?

I’d prefer to have a real fireplace. Once I saw a tweet that said something like — “the fact that you can buy firewood at New York City bodegas is a reminder to burn the rich,” implying that those who live in New York City and have access to fireplaces can only be among the very wealthy, and that having a fireplace is chief among the various evils they have no doubt been a party to. I don’t think this is true, about only very wealthy people having fireplaces here, but also I’d prefer we develop a system where, instead, every apartment in New York City is fitted with a wood-burning fireplace. We would all die via fire eventually, yes, but it’s either that or die via flood eventually, and at least this would be cozy. It’s something to consider. Until then, though, we have our YouTubes.

But I believe in consent. That’s why I am not going to force you to put on a YouTube fireplace video complete with crackling sound effects to add ambiance to your space. However, I need you to understand the consequence of not putting on a YouTube fireplace video complete with crackling sound effects to add ambience to your space, and to think very carefully about the decision you’d like to make. I don’t mean this as a threat. Understand? I’m just going to drop a link right here. You do with it what you want.

I’ll see you at the cabin.