Jay Z Is Extremely Good at Eating Spaghetti

Gabrielle Bluestone · 08/25/15 01:01PM

This weekend I went to a late dinner and guess what, Jay Z was there. That’s pretty much the whole story, except where I note that—wow—he’s extremely good at eating spaghetti.

I Tried Tidal and It Sucked

Sam Biddle · 04/10/15 02:40PM

Two weeks ago, a happy-go-lucky troupe of ragtag recording artists (collective net worth: over $2,000,000,000) stood shoulder to shoulder on a stage and asked for your money. In return they would give you "TIDAL," a streaming music website and app that costs too much. I gave it a try. You should not.

The World's Most Famous Musicians Just Hosted a Bonkers Press Conference

Sam Biddle · 03/30/15 05:15PM

Only a few minutes ago, the entire music industry stood on a stage in a collective display of how rich and out of touch they are. They think you are willing to pay up to double the price of other streaming music services to pay for their streaming music service, because they are crazy.

Broken Beyoncé Malfunctions; Warranty Invalid Due to User Error

Caity Weaver · 11/04/14 03:20PM

Last night, rapper Jay Z and his lifelike wife Beyoncé attended a basketball game in Brooklyn, where they watched the Nets thrash the visiting Oklahoma City Thunder, 116 to 85. Or, anyway, that's what was happening in front of them. God only knows what Beyoncé was seeing.

Jay-Z Was Better Than Beyoncé Is

Jordan Sargent · 09/25/14 12:03PM

The main reaction to Jay-Z and Beyoncé's On the Run Tour seemed to be some variation of "Jay-Z sucks! Get this old asshole off the stage!" I don't disagree—Jay-Z is old, and in 2014 he doesn't really belong on a stage with Beyoncé. But let us not forget that Jay-Z was better than Beyoncé is.