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The summer's most important pop-culture debate: Are Jay Z and Beyoncé—currently on tour together—getting divorced? According to rumor, yes. But according to a tipster with backstage video of the pair: No.

This past weekend at the VMAs, the couple kissed onstage while Beyoncé accepted the show's Vanguard Award. Buzzfeed declared that the divorce rumors had finally been put to bed; a body language expert in the New York Post felt otherwise. Was the public kiss just for show? The above clip argues that it wasn't.

The nine-second video you see above was sent to us by a tipster who says it was recorded backstage at the VMAs, a claim supported by the outfits worn by Blue Ivy and Jay Z. (Beyoncé, the tipster notes, was wearing a robe.)

In the video, which was shot before the performance and is extremely Zapruder in nature, you can see Beyoncé lean over to kiss Blue, who is being held by Jay, before giving her husband a quick peck on the lips.

So: Are Beyoncé and Jay getting divorced? Maybe? Who knows. But if you need another piece of evidence to tack to the corkboard in your shed, here you go.

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