Does Jay Z have a special Rihannaphone? Maybe! Eh, who knows.

The burner claim comes via the website and, while completely unverifiable, adds a great layer to the somewhat strained Beyoncé-Rihanna detente.

Jay Z reportedly has a separate phone which only Rihanna has the number for, much to his wife Beyonce's fury.

The Roc Nation mogul has a close relationship with the 'Diamonds' hitmaker and his wife Beyonce was said to be "livid" when she discovered the singer is able to contact her husband at any time of the day.

A source said: "Jay has several phones, one of which he keeps reserved for Rihanna, supposedly to discuss business interests.

"It's obvious when she calls because he'll interrupt meetings, even walk away from the dinner table to speak with her.

"Beyonce has always been aware that he has several different numbers, but when she discovered Rihanna has a hotline to her husband, she was livid.

"She absolutely hates how close they are but feels powerless to stop it."

But special Rihanna phone or no, interrupting meetings and leaving the dinner table is extremely rude! Still, Beyoncé is probably on top of it?

[image via AP]

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