In a new series of photos posted to, Beyoncé(.com) and Jay Z show that you don't have to have a bad time just because you live on the ice planet from Interstellar. It's all about your attitude.

For instance:

There's potable water there.

Bring a bikini.

Bring an appetite for fun and no drama.

Don't cry because every person you have ever met, or even just seen, is trapped on Earth, dying.

Look what a robot made you.

Come up with little things to do to occupy your time, like height contests.

Cartwheel contest by yourself.

Hand out awards for things like "Best Sunglasses," so people have something to aspire to. (Without goals, life is meaningless.)

If you encounter aliens, attack and kill them.

This planet is for man only.

For more photos of Jay Z's birthday trip to Iceland, check out

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