Wow, Joe Biden Sure Has Hairy Arms

How does the president fit his armies into his sleevies?

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 27: U.S. President Joe Biden receives a third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech...
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Joe Biden got a COVID-19 booster shot today. The move happened a few days after the booster was approved by the FDA and CDC for those in Biden’s age group (65+). “We know that to beat this pandemic and to save lives, we need to get folks vaccinated," he said. "So, please, please do the right thing. Please get these shots. It can save your life and it can save the lives of those around you." Yeah true. But also — oh my god, did you see his arm?

Holy shit, that is the hairiest arm I have ever seen. I didn’t even know you could have that much hair on that part of your arm. Let’s zoom in on the bicep.

Okay, what is going on here? Did he put fake hair there as a prank? Did part of a sweater stick to him? Is it a ploy to get more people talking about the booster? If so, it worked! This isn’t even the first time Biden has been caught having the planet’s hairiest arms — the first time was the last time he got a COVID-19 shot:

Couldn’t even see the full extent of the hairiness in that one, and it was still notable. Damn. Fucking hairy as hell.

Congrats to Joe Biden on his hairy arm.