Kamala Harris’s Headphones Are Youth Culture

We vote "Aye!" on this hot girl anti-hack hack

WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 01: Vice President Kamala Harris attends a meeting of the National Space C...
Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

Though the hottie hot hot downtown denizens would rather die than be caught getting vaccinated, think voting is for dumpy libs, and wouldn’t dare speak ill of famous knitwear artist Ella Emhoff in front of her plainclothes bodyguards at Dr. Clark, it looks like they have a few more things in common with the Momala establishment than they’d like. Vice President Kamala Harris is a wired headphones It Girl, too.

According to Politico, the Vice President feels that Bluetooth headphones are a security risk. (That’s probably why Bella Hadid and Lily-Rose Depp do it, too, in a trend brought to the internet by Vogue writer Liana Satenstein.) Politico writes, “While wired headphones have re-emerged as a hip vintage accessory among Gen Z, Harris’ embrace of them is less about fashion than caution. Former aides say that the vice president has long been careful about security and technology — with some describing it as prudent and others suggesting it’s a bit paranoid.”

Paranoia, shmaranoia., It makes me – a young and well-dressed person who’s always seen at the hottest New York eateries – like her more. And politically, I think it’s working in her favor! If wired headphones make her palatable enough to youths in politics like awesome teen dad Pete Buttigieg (his most notable campaign surrogate was, of course, Mandy Moore out of old face) to take an epic road trip together, then I think it’s a total win.

To quote a tangled mess of wires trying to communicate with the elderly leader of the free world, We did it, Joe!