The Unofficial Andrew Cuomo Head-Roll Count

There are enough fallen assholes in here to fill a scrapbook

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It’s been less than a week since New York State Attorney General Letitia James released a damning report about Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s workplace sexual harassment and his retaliatory scrapbook, but this bitch is already taking everyone in his orbit down with him.

Here’s this week’s unofficial tally:

Here are some heads that Cuomo rolled in recent history:

  • Nine officials at the state Health Department resigned due to Cuomo’s nursing home cover-up, in which an official report omitted 9,250 Covid deaths. Among those who quit was Dr. Jill Taylor, a scientist at Wentworth laboratory that led the nation in discovering and identifying virus variants.
  • SUNY Polytechnic Institute founder Alain Kaloyeros was convicted for an $855 million bid-rigging scheme. The judge at the trial said, “He let his desire to earn Brownie points in the executive chamber overcome the normal, well-thought-out processes that treated all developers fairly.”
  • Cuomo transferred State Trooper Dane Pfeiffer, a member of his security detail, to a job at a Canadian border town because of his budding relationship with daughter Cara Kennedy-Cuomo.
  • In 2018, Cuomo’s “enforcer” Joseph Percoco was convicted of accepting $320,000 in bribes. While Cuomo was not implicated in the Percoco case, he was serving as his executive deputy secretary and the manager of his reelection campaign.

This non-comprehensive list of asses on the chopping block list are to multiply in the coming hours.