Sorry Adam Brody: Maxwell Alejandro Frost Is Actually Gawker's Sexiest Man Alive 2022

Florida's new Congressman is a 25-year-old handsome-as-hell Arianator

LONGWOOD, FL - AUGUST 30: Maxwell Frost meets with community leaders and organizers from Central Flo...
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On Tuesday, we awarded Adam Brody the lifetime honor of Gawker’s Sexiest Man Alive 2022, primarily for the reason of “he looks better than ever” and “he was really good in his arc on Derek in the sitcom Single Parents (2018 to 2020). We made a mistake. We’re human. Thank god Adam Brody is so affable and such a dedicated public citizen, or else this would be pretty tough for us to have to explain to him.

The quorum took a vote, and we actually decided that Maxwell Alejandro Frost, Florida’s new Congressman, is Gawker’s Sexiest Man Alive 2022. Frost, a Democrat who bested Republican candidate Calvin Wimbish for Florida’s 10th District, is 25 years old and handsome as hell.


As NPR noted, the new King of Greater Orlando will be the first Gen Z member of Congress. When he’s sworn into the assembly in January, hopefully to a string arrangement of socio-political anthem “Let’s Get Loud!”, he will join the oldest Congress in history. Frost is also a dedicated Ariananator (a fan of Ariana Grande), for which we have no choice but to stan.

Frost ran on a strong gun control platform and is the former national organizing director of March for Our Lives. He once said in a tweet that he became an organizer at 15 “because I didn’t want to get shot at school.”

I’m hoping the Squad, a group of six progressive lawmakers in Congress who all won re-election last night, are ready for a sexy new guy to sit with them at lunch. He’s bringing Starbucks.