Rare Interview Where Kamala Harris Comes Off Well

It's about Wordle

US Vice President Kamala Harris speaks after President Joe Biden signed the Emmett Till Anti-lynchin...
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Veep Kamala Harris has completed her first charming bit of PR since beta-testing stepdaughter Ella Emhoff at the 2021 inauguration: an interview with the Ringer about her Wordle strategy. Harris starts with the word NOTES every time, which is a fine enough strategy, though I think that statistically it might be rare that the Wordle answer is a plural ending in an S. I usually do what I call “consonant play” while Wordleing and Quordleing, which is less sinister but sexier than it sounds. Starting with BROTH has never done me wrong.

But this cute little interview with the vice president has some unexpected pathos. The woman who is but a heartbeat and an ass grab or two away from the Oval Office is not allowed to have a New York Times games subscription on her phone, even though she loves Spelling Bee and the mini crossword.

Harris revealed she can only play the frustrating “cheapy free version” of Spelling Bee due to… protecting the nuclear codes?

Harris said:

“OK, so what happens is the Spelling Bee, it says Play and I play, but I’m not subscribed to it because I have a phone that doesn’t allow me to subscribe to anything…They don’t let you play all the way through and it’s really frustrating. They do let you get to, like, in the 20s and then they turn you over and say, ‘You’re really good at this! Would you like to subscribe?’ It’s really annoying, but it may actually be for the best because I’d probably otherwise spend too much time at night not sleeping.”

The Ringer asked Harris to clarify why she can’t just buy a subscription and Harris said, “I have a lot of stuff on it that prevents me from doing other stuff on my phone.”

Also, because of national security, she also can’t share her Wordle squares with anyone, lest she absentmindedly types in the five-letter nuclear code (BOOBS) or PUTIN.

Kamala, who has lost approximately 5,000 members of her staff since she took office, doesn’t get many good headlines. But this interview proves she can be the CHAMP when she wants to be.