Planned Parenthood Is Aborting Margaret Sanger Square

That's feminism

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 16: A woman pushes a stroller past the Planned Parenthood in the Financia...
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Plan B

In an email today sent to donors of Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, the organization declared the removal of Margaret Sanger Square from their Manhattan health center at Bleecker and Mott Streets. There’s no word yet on what the corner will be renamed, but I bet it’ll probably something that does a lot of PR heavy lifting like Breast Self-Exam and Self-Examination in Therapy Square.

“The un-naming of Margaret Sanger Square and removal of the street sign demonstrates our commitment to reckoning with the totality of Sanger’s legacy and systemic racism and ableism,” the email said. In 1927, Sanger endorsed the Supreme Court’s decision to allow forced and/or unknowing sterilization on “unfit” individuals in the Buck v. Bell case.

The organization has been reckoning with Sanger’s legacy (eugenicist) and Planned Parenthood’s original racist aims (including using Puerto Rican women as unwitting participants in early birth-control trials) with an accountability initiative called Reviving Radical.

You might be asking your uncle over the Christmastime table: Have the liberals gone too far, changing a whole lot of letters on building facades and toppling their own sexy statues because of pressure from the belligerent critical race theorists that are public school children? He might say yes, because uncles are stupid strawmen cobbled together with the corroding tin of a dozen Bud Light cans.

But I don’t think we’ve gone far enough. Actual gender parity would be toppling as many statues of women as we have men, and renaming as many streets across the Eastern seaboard as there are eggs in the average women’s ovaries. We already got rid of Fearless Girl. Fuck it, do Gilda Radner Way next.