NYC Councilman Reminds New Yorkers to Check Their Privilege at the Leaking Door

Some people don't even have buckets

kids pday on the table while flooding in the kitchen. Photo and media photocombination
toxic positivity

New York City flooded last night, and if you live there, and if your bedroom flooded, you better be thanking your lucky stars.

Brad Lander, a New York City councilman in Park Slope and a city comptroller hopeful, is grateful that he has arms, grateful that he owns a bucket, grateful that he has a verified Twitter account, grateful that he is part of a “we,” grateful that he has some weird old bedroom carpeting that smells a bit like cat, grateful that the light fixtures in there are totally ‘80s and the Vernor Panton VP1 Flowerpot Pendant lamp he wants is like a hundred million dollars and only ships from Denmark with a three-week lead time, and you should be grateful too.

This white man of the people’s Twitter account is constantly reminding us that our New York City attitudes are not ones of gratitude and that what we complain about could instead be reframed to reverence to Olympians, for example:

He also abbreviates “opportunity” in the most chaotic way I’ve ever seen, and I thank him:

Stay safe, but more important, stay beholden to positive discourse.