Never Forget: John Ashcroft's Musical Tribute to the War on Terror

It's time to let the mighty eagle soar once more

US Attorney General John Ashcroft points a reporter 18 October 2001 during a press conference at the...

It seems like all anyone is talking about today is 9/11 this and the War on Terror that, and we’re all of course going on about The Killers ad nauseum, but allow us to indulge in a little more Bush-era lunacy for five minutes more while former Attorney General John Ashcroft vibratos in our ears as we read fifteen-year-old YouTube comments.

Twitter user Erik Bryan recirculated a clip from Ashcroft singing an original composition called “Let the Eagle Soar” at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in February 2002.

The song is about an American eagle emboldened by the belief in god and the nobility of America conflict on foreign soil. At the end of the song, that eagle reveals herself to be a metaphor for this great country herself.

Tony Bennett canceled his fall tour; maybe it’s time for Ashcroft to swoop into this promotional cycle and duet with Gaga in a show of Catholic-Evangelical unity. Or for Sophie Trudeau to manifest the supremacy of the Americas! Donald J. Trump might have been the funniest president alive today, but John Ashcroft is the greatest parody artist Attorney General who ever lived.